Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Recipes You Should Try

Forgive me, I'm not really feeling the blog today. I'm still sick and my head is foggy. Here are three recipes I've been making lately that are absolutely worth a shot.

1. Spiced Double Chocolate Chip Cake (with Brown Sugar Glaze)

This cake is absolutely amazing. I find homemade cake recipes to be VERY hit or miss and I made this on a whim for a meeting I was hosting. Just a hint of fall spices, not too sweet and a tiny kick from cayenne. I don't even know if it needs the glaze, but it was definitely yummy.

2. Jamie's Minestrone Soup

We have been on a bit of a health kick around our house and so have been focusing on lots of fruits and veggies. This soup has a good amount of veggies in it but is still rich and filling. I make a pot at the beginning of the week and eat it for several meals. Even my husband, carnivore that he is, loves it. I think I follow the recipe pretty closely except I use dried Italian Seasoning for the herbs and added some red pepper flakes for a little pizazz.

3. Multigrain Sandwich Bread

I'll be honest and say, I was not at all convinced by this recipe. You basically take this 10-grain hot cereal (the recipe actually calls for 7-grain but all I could find was 10-grain...even better right?) and make it with boiling water; the resulting porridge-like mixture is the base for your bread. It wasn't overly complicated, and all the kneading was done in my KitchenAid. It turned out absolutely amazing. I loved it, the kids loved it and our dog apparently loved it, seeing as he stole the second half of the loaf off the counter and devoured it. I halved the recipe since I was just experimenting, but I'll definitely make both loaves next time. Seriously delicious.

Anyone have a recipe they are loving lately? Especially vegetarian or dessert-like?

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