Monday, October 22, 2012

A Few Things I'm Proud Of

It's really easy for me - well, all of us - to focus on all the things we feel like we could be doing better. I do that all the time. Sometimes I feel like I should keep a list of all the little things I get accomplished during the week so that on Fridays, when the funk descends and all I can see are the UNDONE things, I could look at the list and feel better about myself. Anyway, it's only Monday today but I'm getting a jump on Friday by putting down a few things I'm proud of myself for doing recently.

1. Going to that grueling workout class. Trying new things is not something I usually enjoy, and there are always many ready excuses for skipping it until "next week." Especially when it is something that solely benefits me, like exercising. It was intimidating to go that first time, but I'm really proud that I did it and did not actually die during. Bonus points if I go back again this week.

2. Telling a new-ish friend that it's not ok with me to use the word "retarded" as a synonym for stupid. I hope I explained it in a way that will help her understand why it's hurtful. I hope even more that maybe it'll prevent her from teaching her kids (by example) that it's an ok word to use that way. [Edited to add: Since I started this post, she responded in the best possible way]

3. Putting a lot (A LOT) of thought into my husband's birthday this week and coming up with some ideas that I'm excited about and I think will make him feel special.

What makes you proud of yourself?


Kerri said...

That I left my house wearing matching socks :)

Navigating the Mothership said...

I forget that people still use the word "retarded" or "gay" and feel kind of stunned when I hear someone say it out loud. I very distinctly remember my dad giving me a talk (something he rarely did, actually) about how it wasn't okay to use retarded and how it hurt his feelings (his sister was left cognitively disabled after getting meningitis when she was 5 - she is doing great, lives a happy & full life). I was around 8 maybe? Anyway, I don't think I ever used it again. The lesson stuck. Maybe next time I hear someone say one of those words I will speak up and educate, instead of leaving it for someone closer to them to say something. I shy away from that type of thing, but I shouldn't.

Okay, what I'm proud of: getting my new blog design finally completed. WOOHOO!