Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dexter's Trick

So, I mentioned that we're on kind of a health kick around here and as part of that, I've been trying to exercise more regularly. I've actually managed 4-5 times a week lately (a giant improvement over, say, zero times a week) and have been feeling pretty good about myself. My workout du jour right now is to use the elliptical and do some light weights. Nothing extreme, but I'd been patting myself on the back.

Today I decided that I was going to try a fitness class at my gym. The one that worked in the time slot I had was a cardio/strength class called Dexter's Treat. Now, the average person utilizing my gym is quite a few years older than I am, so I was anticipating sort of breezing through this class. Things looked promising when everyone was discussing how many people had been turned away from Monday's class because it was too full. Good, I chose well!

Ha. HA. HA. OMG. It was supposed to be a 50-minute class, actually lasted 60 minutes and by 15 minutes in I thought I was dying. I worked muscles I don't think have gotten any attention since...huh, well a long time ago. If ever. The instructor was an unintentionally hilarious guy who kept telling stories about his kids but then losing track of what his point was. He also said lots of completely confusing/idiotic things like, "I'm not asking you to do something impossible, I'm asking YOU, AS A PERSON, to do the impossible." Huh? It did distract me from the pain for a few minutes while I tried to work out what he actually meant to say.

So, moral(s) of the story. Just because you're thin (I inherited good genes and a petite stature) does NOT mean you're fit. And don't underestimate the fitness classes at the old people's gym. I'm pretty sure not a single person from Monday's overpopulated class was back for more today...hard to get to the gym when you can't WALK.

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Navigating the Mothership said...

A fitness class should never be called "Dexter's Treat." Hahaha.

I worked out with a personal trainer (free thing at the gym) and was broken for a few days last week. I was going to keep up with exercising, but once more my family is sick due to something Oliver caught in the gym childcare so we'll just stick with resting for another week...or two. :)