Thursday, October 25, 2012


So Brighton has a Blankie. She attached to this particular blanket (actually a gift given to me for Pacey by my former boss) when she was about 6 months old. It's sort of crocheted and she likes to poke her fingers in the holes for comfort. We've gone through phases of being more and less attached to Blankie...currently, he (because he's a boy) comes almost everywhere with us.

Now, I GET the Blankie thing. I had one, called Kiki, that I was very VERY attached to. It may or may not have come to college with me, and my sister may or may not have delivered it to the recovery room after my emergency C-section with Pacey. I no longer sleep with it, but did for a really long time.

The problem is this: Blankie has been loved HARD and is starting to show it. He's about 2/3 the volume he started out as and is fairly constantly losing bits that B begs me to re-attach. As it accompanies her pretty much everywhere it's not exactly pristine at this point and could do with a wash (I have to sneak it in the washing machine every so often, which she hates). I'm worried at this point that Blankie is actually going to fall apart before she's done needing him.

Photographic evidence:

B would like you to know that Blankie smiled for this

This is as much as I could stretch it's all sort of
knotted up together.

So I'm not sure what to do at this point. Give up on washing it or risk it disintegrating in the machine? Try to get her to attach to another blankie? I have searched the entire internet and there is not another blanket like it to be found. I know that I personally had two blankies but one was FAR superior to the other and the lesser one would not have been a true replacement. I've tried to persuade her to leave him at home but she really seems to need him right now and I am not one to come between a girl and her Blankie.

I guess the only thing I can do is let her love him to pieces and hope that he lasts as long as he needs to.

In other, unrelated news, despite my bias I am pretty sure this kid is going to be the cutest Captain America in the whole world next Wednesday. If you have your own Captain America, you have my permission to believe otherwise :)

Awww, baby's first polyester suit with padded muscles


Kerri said...

First, yes. Pacey will be the best Captain America ever :0

Boo has a puppy that is in somewhat the same condition. Allie still sleeps with her lamb, MIMI. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to switch it. Never worked. BUT have you tried to wash it inside a pillowcase on the delicate cycle? That has prolonged the life of Mimi.

Good luck!

Jaida said...

Oh, a lamb named Mimi, that is the cutest!! Thanks for the suggestion on the pillowcase, I will definitely try that.