Friday, October 26, 2012

Exceeds Expectations

Awhile back I got a notice home from Pacey's school that they'd be participating in a Square 1 art fundraiser. Basically the kids are given a specific-sized piece of card to draw a picture on and it can then be turned into various items (similar to items made with photographs). The notice mentioned that the kids would have some time at school to complete their picture but that they could bring it home if they wanted to work on it some more.

Honestly? I totally dismissed the whole concept. Drawing is NOT Pacey's favorite activity and he still has kind of a hard time holding writing implements. No one likes spending a lot of time doing activities they don't enjoy, so I was expecting a scribble at best.

Imagine, then, my surprise when this came home:

He didn't write the names in, but the rest is unmistakably his work. This makes me so happy for so many reasons. He chose to draw our family. The drawings are recognizable. And clearly he was given enough time and support to produce this, despite the fact it wasn't an academic assignment.

The thing I worry about the most with Pacey is that the current pace of life doesn't always allow him to express himself fully. Given enough time to process and piece together his responses, he has really great stuff to contribute to the world. This is a really good reminder to me to continue working hard to help him unlock that stuff and let it show.

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