Friday, October 19, 2012

A Few Books to Keep Me Busy

I've written before about the system I developed for best using the library and decreasing the amount I spend on books. Basically, when I see a book I want to read, I add it to my Amazon wishlist and then every so often I go and put a bunch of the titles onto the library Request List. Newer titles often have a long wait, which is fine, but it means I tend to keep 25-30 titles on request so I'm never out of reading material.

Well, that plan kind of backfired on me:

That's the stack of books I picked up on Tuesday. Then I had notification that two more had come in. That's a total of eight books, plus the two I am currently reading.

There's nothing more luxurious than having enough books to last you the rest of the year, but even with the option of renewing these a couple of times, I have a LOT of reading to do. Anyone want to come take care of two adorable small children so I actually have time to do it??

(On the plus side, I have already comfortably met my reading-related resolution for the year!)

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