Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday Funk

When I was working, Fridays were awesome. Now that I stay home with the kids, I am very susceptible to what I call the Friday Funk. Weekends can be kind of hard...unstructured and more people home to make messes. I'm so spoiled by having the opportunity to run errands and do activities during the week, it's hard to feel like joining the weekend masses to do anything.

So anyway, yesterday I'd had a string of little frustrations all day, was tired from having been up in the night YET AGAIN with my daughter, couldn't get warm all day and basically indulged in a huge pity party for one.

It turned out ok in the end. We went out to dinner (no cooking or clean up!), got the kids in bed relatively early and spent the evening cozied up watching movies (Chris) and catching up on TV shows   (me). Anyway, just wanted to document why I didn't post yesterday. Although I love the 31 for 21 challenge and what it stands for, at the end of the day I'm not going to kill myself to put something inane up just for the sake of it. I'd rather have something worth reading (uh, not like this post).

In other exciting news, FIVE new babies have been born to my family and friends in the past two weeks. Two friends here in MN have beautiful new baby girls, two of my cousins added to their families and perhaps most exciting, I have a brand new nephew. Baby Austin was born to my brother and his partner Amber on 10/11/12 in Alaska. I can't wait to hear more about the little guy and see some more pictures. It sucks being so far away.

Now if I could just kick this annoying cold, I'd have so many new baby heads to sniff!

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