Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hijack of the Blog by a (friendly) pirate....


I am the C that my wife so often refers to.

Nearly 10 years ago this foolish woman agreed to marry me on a day that became the most important day that I will likely ever have.

Without making the readers of this cringe too much I will just publicly say that Jaida has (and continues to be) my perfect counter weight.

They say opposites attract and in our case it was true. I would say that it is also interesting that we have both moved closer to the center point. I was once the person that needed to be around people, the center of the action, while Jaida would rather run than have to be in the spot light.

Now I choose the chaos and love of my family over the rest of the world while Jaida has become the President of the Minnetonka chapter of MOMS.

Tomorrow (or today if you are reading from my homeland) I will be 37 years old.

I am not sure where I stand against the expectations of everyone that has known and cared for me through my life.

Have I over achieved or not achieved what I could....

Have I been the man that people expected me to be....

I remain restless to provide for my family and reach my goals, both for them and for me.

I know this though. I have in every way and beyond my expectations "over delivered" on finding my person.

If I do nothing else in the next 37 years I have added to the Harris/Fleming legacy in a positive by finding J.

(Now you all get to guess how long before she deletes this post)

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