Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taking Credit

I've decided (at least so far) not to "do" the Easter Bunny. Because we aren't currently teaching the kids about the Christian holiday of Easter (or any of the other religious holidays around this time), it feels a little unnecessary to do Easter baskets and the bunny thing. However, I love Easter eggs and we had a lot of fun dyeing them, so for now our Easter celebration is centered around making and hiding/finding the eggs. Not to mention, Santa gets all the credit for the Christmas fun...why should the Easter Bunny get credit for hiding all the eggs?!? I did fill some plastic eggs with jelly beans, which the kids got in exchange for the real ones they found. It would be criminal not to do SOMETHING with candy.

It feels wonderful to be out in the yard in our short sleeves...we were out last year but it was a little chillier.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and will enjoy all those egg salad sandwiches this week.

I can see why people are always asking me if they're twins (based on their similar size, not because I think they look
at all alike)

I could never have imagined how much I would love these two little ragamuffins, despite how hard they try to drive me

The ferns are coming up along our stream...must be spring for real. 


Elsha said...

Those pictures of the two of them together are just darling!

Anonymous said...

My husband said the same thing about Santa and the Easter Bunny getting all of the credit. So, we did get one gift for each girl (which has not arrived in the mail yet...booo shipping to AK) from us and not the E. Bunny. My little A still carries around her simba stuffed animal Santa gave her. According to her, it was the best gift ever. So we got "one-upped" by Santa this year:)