Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I don't think that having recurrent dreams is a particularly unique experience, but the content of the two most common versions I have are kind of interesting.

I didn't find school overly stressful most of the time. Sure, there was pressure to get assignments done in time and all that, but I didn't dread going, didn't worry too terribly much about how I would do and have always been really good at time management.

It's funny, then, that both my most commonly recurring dreams are school-based. The first takes place in my high school and involves one of two or three different scenarios:

1) It's time for finals and I realize I haven't been going to class all semester (often this is putting graduating in jeopardy);

2) I can't find my locker or can't remember the combination; or

3) I have no idea what my class schedule is and therefore don't know where I'm supposed to be going.

None of these things was ever a real point of anxiety for me during high school, so I really can't figure out why so many of my underlying stress plays out this way. Perhaps my mind goes to these non-threatening fictions because there is no chance I'll ever have to deal with them...being done with high school and all?

The other one I have (and I had it last night which is why I'm writing about it) takes place in college and has to do with my dormitory situation. Frequently in the dream I will get to school in the fall and have no idea what room I am supposed to be in, or will realize I haven't picked up a key card and so can't get into my dorm. Last night's version involved my would-be roommate telling me she'd decided to get an apartment with another friend, which was like this massive betrayal in the dream. Again, I had no issues whatsoever with my rooms in my college dorms, or any betrayals by this particular friend.

I've always had really vivid dreams and tend to remember at least one dream set every single morning when I wake up. I'm actually kind of careful about what I watch/read near bedtime because chances are it will make it into my dreams to some degree. What about you? Do you remember your dreams or have recurrent ones?

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Anonymous said...

Dreams...? I think lately I have been so tired when my head hits the pillow that I do not remember a thing. However; a few dreams that I used to have on a reoccurring basis come to mine. One is the locker dream as you mentioned. I would walk around totally lost in East High School for what seemed like hours. Another was when I worked as a server from 11 am until 2 am and would proceed to dream about serving all night. I would forget orders, drop items and be absolutely exhausted by the time I got up. The last was when I was younger and I would get lost in the Mall of America. A man would chase me through the bizillion stores and then I would fly to get away from them. I am not sure what these dreams mean or why these are the ones I remember. Thanks for posing the question.