Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Room for Two

I cleaned up the kids' playroom the other day and figured I might as well post some pictures of the finished product while it looked nice. I'm pretty proud of what I managed to do with a fairly uninspiring room and a small budget...

This is what I started with:

And here's some features of the finished product (courtesy of iPhone camera so not the best quality):

Reading chair and Snakey

Subliminal messaging :)

I was about to follow a fairly detailed tutorial for making these book
ledges myself, but then found them already made at Ikea for $15. Why
reinvent the affordable Swedish wheel?!?

An absolute must for winter

Fun paint

The room doesn't have any windows so I used this mirror to open it up
a little (another Ikea find...$30!)

I made these two button collages after I saw something
similar on Pinterest. Cheap and fun...would make a cute
baby gift!

The kids looooove mail right now so I had Chris install this real mailbox and we made some mail for it. It's been a hit.
A magnetic white board gave a new home to the infernal Leapfrog magnet toys and
eliminated my daily fantasies about shoving them down the garbage disposal.

And finally, a picture of the kids building a castle together in the new room:

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Kirsten said...

I love the new look play room - well done you x LOVING the P and B letters with buttons too - how cool x