Friday, April 6, 2012

Badgering the Witness

Scene: The kids and I are in the car and I'm having a conversation with Chris via the Bluetooth in my car.

Pacey: "Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama."

Me: "Yes, Pacey?"

Pacey: "Elephant rhinoceros."

Me: "...ok."

Chris: attempts to continue our conversation

Brighton: "But mom, what are you doing?"

Me: "I'm driving the car."

Brighton: "But which way are you going?"

Me: "This way."

Brighton: "But what are you doing?"

Chris: attempts to continue our conversation

Pacey: "Mama! Elephant rhinoceros."

Brighton: "Look mom, a baby school bus! But he lost his mama. Where's his mama, mom? Where's his mama, mom? Mom! He lost her moooooom!"

Chris: gives up and hangs up

Pacey: "Elephant rhinoceros!"

Me: *rolls down window and leaps out of the moving car in search of blessed silence*

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Amy said...

I so loooooove reading your posts! It makes me feel so much better that my crazy life with my 3 and 4 year old are no different than anyone else. I feel most times that this stuff is only typical in my household when it really isn't! Thanks for making my day!