Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Monday Update

We took the dogs for a little mini-vacation this weekend at a pet hotel. When I was picking them up this morning, I saw these two things that made me laugh out loud:

Why yes, that is a "Bone Booth" where the staff will bring your pet to the phone if you'd like to them? Hilarious, right?

And a new friend joined the family yesterday. Meet Henry the Owl:

This is the Ok to Wake alarm clock buddy I bought to try with Brighton. You set the approved wake-up time using the control panel. If  When your child wakes up in the night, s(he) can press the owl's tummy and if it's not time to get up, his face glows orange, he says "Go back to sleep," and plays music (you can choose how long the glowing face/music lasts for). When it is your previously-ok'ed time to wake up in the morning, the owl's face glows green and he says "it's ok to get up now."

We had a slight hiccup when Brighton called me back to her room a few times last night because she wanted me to turn Henry's face green, but she settled down to the music after a few explanations about when his face would be green. She woke up at 4 to go potty and did come to get me, but it eliminated the battle about going back to bed when she could see that Henry's face was not green yet, rather than me just telling her it was too early to be up. At 6:47 or so, she burst into our room with Henry exclaiming about how his face was green and it was time to get up! Overall a great success. Once we get into a rhythm I think I'll be able to shift the wake-up time back a little too and maybe get her back to staying in bed til 7:30. Highly recommend this cute guy.

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Heather said...

where or where did you get that ingenious owl?!?!?!

Our kennel ends every phone call with "Have a Tail-Wagging Day"- makes me laugh every time!