Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Public Library FAIL

Mondays are a free day for us, no school or therapy sessions. This Monday I decided to take the kids to the library to get a fresh stack of books and let them play for awhile. We're really fortunate in that our local library partnered with the Minnesota Children's Museum to create a play area within the library that the kids love. With the exception of story times, it's usually pretty empty too. A great way to while away a Monday morning when I'm not up to a more adventurous outing.

Anyway, towards the end of our visit this week Brighton spied a little girl sitting with her mom at a kid-sized table near the DVDs that can be checked out. She's really got a thing for older kids right now so she marched over there and sat down. She immediately noticed that this little girl's entire stack of books and DVDs were princess-themed and developed a baaaaad case of Princess Envy.

Now, Brighton's tantrums are becoming less frequent as she develops her language abilities, but when I told her that the books and movies had already been selected by this other girl, she flew into FULL ON TANTRUM mode. Although the library is generally pretty empty I still didn't want to bother the other patrons with this nonsense so I quickly tried to find some alternatives (Elmo, Bernstein Bears, etc). Nothing was working and then this other mom saw her opportunity.

"Oh, you know what? Other Little Girl is only allowed to check out two movies at a time anyways, we can share one with your daughter."

Nice gesture, but I'm really trying not to reward B for this sort of meltdown so I demurred, letting her know that it was fine, we'd find something else.

"No, no really, I insist," she said. "Other Little Girl, how about we let her take home this one?" Other Little Girl grudgingly agreed and her mom triumphantly handed over this monstrosity to Brighton:

Nicely played, Other Little Girl's mom, nicely played. I have only a few questions at this point:

1) Whyyyyyyy was this movie ever created?

2) How was it ever justified as a purchase by the public library system

3) What are the chances I'll be able to return it before we actually  have to watch it?!?


Kelley said...


Tami Leitz said...

Behahahaha! This SO sounds like my life. I've been avoiding these movies as well, good luck ;)

Holly said...

I can say (with tragic certainty) that it is a terrible movie. Also horrible, Barbie Mermadia and all Barbie movies generally. The girls have a few - that I did not purchase for them - and they are watched on special occasions/as a reward for especially good behavior, without my presence. Good luck, the princess thing only gets worse as far as I can tell :)