Saturday, October 22, 2011


1. Despite having lived in California for six years, after one year away it really doesn't feel like home anymore.

2. It's really different interacting with kids when you are not their primary caretaker.

3. I feel genuine loving affection for my close friends' kids.

4. I wish my sister lived across the street from me.

5. 85 degrees in October feels really unnatural. Almost as unnatural as having snow on May 1.

6. Those cot-style dog beds are surprisingly comfortable. I took a nap on one out on my sister's deck today (it was a new bed, so not dogified yet). A perk of being small I guess.

7. It is a rare and wonderful treat as a mom when you are truly off duty for a few days.

8. My husband is doing a great job of holding the fort down and making sure P and B have a great time while I am away.

9. The sound of wind chimes makes me inexplicably melancholy.

10. I've become a lot more outgoing since becoming a stay-at-home mom.

11. Three days is the exact right amount of time to be away from my family.

12. I really, really enjoy taking photographs, particularly of kids with their moms. I think this is because so many of us spend our time behind the camera and therefore don't have many pictures with our kids.

13. It's a lot harder on my knees to crawl around on the floor than it was five years ago.

14. I'm reading the new book by Marisa de Los Santos, Falling Together. I love it. Everytime I find myself reading too fast I put it down so it's not over too soon. She might be my favorite author.

15. It's been a really long time since I could sit and read a book for an hour without feeling like there is anything else I should be doing. What a treat.

16. Being an aunt is one of the coolest jobs ever. I wish I could see my nephews and niece much more frequently.

17. Red wine, reality TV and apples with salted caramel sauce are in my very near future. Hasta manana...

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