Tuesday, October 4, 2011

End of an Era

Well, it had to happen sometime...and honestly, it's probably a good thing. Due in part to preschool, I think, Brighton has had an absolute language explosion. She's coming out with new phrases and colloquialisms all the time (this can be quite hilarious) and is phasing out some of her "baby" words. I realized this morning, that her name for Pacey, "Doodoo" seems to have made it onto the retired list. While it's completely adorable to hear her little voice say "Pacey", it's a little sad to see the end of her baby name for him.

The two of them definitely go through cycles of getting along really well and...not so well. Happily, after the first few weeks of school transition they are firmly in a phase of adoration. I think the time apart from each other is doing them a lot of good, in addition to the fact they know each have something purely their own during the week.

As a complete aside, on the subject of school, Brighton's teachers have set up a (private) Shutterfly site that they upload pictures to from each of their school days. It's so cool to see what they get up to during the day, and to have that chance to see how your kid acts/interacts when you're not around. But what's really awesome? I get to see firsthand (well, secondhand I guess) exactly what I pay preschool tuition for: gigantic, joyful, educational messes that I do NOT have to clean up!

Anyway, it's been really fun just watching the two kids playing with each other lately, and I've captured a few sweet moments on film.

My efforts on the reading front have started to pay off...I catch
them reading unprompted more and more often

B's new favorite game: Brush Each Other's
Hair. She's so very gentle when she brushes
(and doesn't mind that neither P or I has much
to brush!)

He is SUCH a good sport
She loves to try to do everything he's doing.
They're well matched...she can run faster
but he blows her away on climbing :)
Think I take pictures of my kids a lot? This
was a spontaneous gesture by P when he saw
my camera. I love that he's such the big brother

And finally, completely unrelated but...have you EVER seen
a child that looks less like her mother? I have the scar to prove
she's mine, but otherwise...


Heather said...

Oh my gosh- the pic of the two of them together with Pacey's arm around Brighton is the cutest thing!

I'm right there with you. I'm thrilled with how well Bean is doing in preschool, but man, I miss her baby-ness some days. It's not "Gora" anymore, we watch "Dora." She doesn't want to sit on my "wap," she'll sit on my lap thank you very much. *sigh* They get too big too fast.

Thankfully she still lets me rock her before bed- I don't remember when Scorch gave that up, but it may kill me when I don't have any kids to rock any more.

Tami Leitz said...

Our kids ate so similar in she (except we have a baby too because we are a little nuts) I just realizes yesterday that mskenna stopes mispernounsing some stuff buy she called her eye lashes, eye flashes today and it was so cute! I love the crazy stuff the two of them come up with, they are lost without eachother.