Tuesday, October 25, 2011

36 Things

1. He is the most ambitious person I have ever met.

2. He is a closet romantic.

3. In the last ten years, he has gone from being a pretty awful (sorry honey) writer to quite an eloquent one.

4. He is completely comfortable showing his children affection in public - even when it threatens his "tough business guy" image

5. He has an undying passion for the San Diego Chargers. Seriously, if they are losing? Stay out of his way.

6. He is both a youngest child and an oldest child, and yet neither of those.

7. Even if he purchases a gift only one day before the occasion it is meant to celebrate, he CANNOT wait to give it. Or tell me what it is. Or give me hints...and then give it to me.

8. He has big hands that are always warm and never sweaty.

9. He is not afraid to ask for almost anything, and a very high percentage of the time he gets what he asks for.

10. He is a pretty terrible liar.

11. There has never been anyone in the world ever that hates to lose more than he does.

12. He almost never calls me out on anything, despite the fact that I hold him accountable relentlessly.

13. He detests olives.

14. While he is an extrovert to his core, I think he's actually less outgoing than I assumed he was.

15. I would hazard a guess that he knows more about American sports than 95% of people who were born in this country.

16. He became a U.S. citizen two years ago.

17. He quit smoking 10 years ago cold turkey and never slipped up once.

18. He is incredibly squeamish...I think he'd have been much happier having babies in the '50s when all he was expected to do was wait in the waiting room and hand out cigars at the end.

19. He has a very good relationship with my dad. That's nice, because his own dad passed away several years ago.

20. He is one of those people that just Knows How Things Work.

21. He can fix or do almost any house project. This is extremely useful.

22. He has a really nice singing voice and loves opera.

23. Despite having never listened to it until about 7 or 8 years ago, he's a big country music fan now.

24. He figures out how 99.8% of movies are going to end within the first 10 minutes. It's infuriating.

25. He will go out of his way to support me in any endeavor I undertake.

26. He thinks I should write a book.

27. He knows all sorts of really interesting (to me anyway) things about how fruits and vegetables are grown and get to the stores where we buy them.

28. I think he'd rather eat my homemade pizza than just about anything else in the world.

29. Given some time to think about it, he comes up with some amazingly creative gifts.

30. He has beautiful bright blue eyes.

31. Family is extremely important to him.

32. After 10 years together, I'm still learning things about him.

33. He doesn't really like dessert or sweets. I once put birthday candles in a wheel of Brie for him.

34. He's only getting better with age.

35. He looked like this 35 years ago:

36. Happy 36th birthday honey!

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