Thursday, June 19, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

1. We're starting off our summer with a couple weeks of swimming lessons. P and B are in the same class and they are doing SO well. Pacey had to sit today out (he has another nasty sinus infection, poor guy) but Brighton decided that she would get over her fear of putting her face in the water. And, she did. She willingly submerged herself several times and began putting her face in while floating and practicing her arm strokes. For the first time in two years of (on/off) lessons, I am actually hopeful that the end result will be children who know how to swim!

2. Yesterday I had the privilege of being interviewed by the MN Department of Health regarding my baby's recent E. coli infection. It was relatively easy considering how very limited his diet is right now, but we got to the end of the interview and I had to tell the woman that I appreciated her diligence and I understood the need to follow up all leads to prevent an outbreak, but that I knew exactly where he'd been exposed to the bacteria. You see, he ate a piece of his BFF's poop. Kids are gross, and we shall henceforth never speak of this again (he's fine now, just had a week of unspeakable diarrhea and no appetite).

3. Now that he's feeling better he is starting to chub up nicely, is spending more and more time on his feet, has two of four molars bulging and has three signs ("all done" "more" and "milk"). I feel like we are sliding into a much easier phase of babyhood and I couldn't be happier about it. He is still the best natured baby I have ever met and greets me from his crib with a smile that could start a fire. He puts his little arms around my neck and squeezes and I think proper baby hugs might be my favorite thing ever. I'm so very grateful to have experienced this version of mothering a baby.

4. Pacey became such a young man over the course of this school year. He made several friends in his class and one boy, J, expressed that the thing he would miss most about first grade would be seeing Pacey every day. J's dad called earlier in the week to invite Pacey over for a play date and the look on P's face when I told him might be the most heartbreakingly beautiful thing I've ever seen. He sees his sister go on a lot of play dates (largely because she wasn't in full time school this year) and he was so thrilled to get to have his turn. Unfortunately we had to cancel because he's sick but they will get together next week. I admit I'm a little nervous but it's a completely appropriate and good step for him to take so we will embrace it. Also, Reason # 28753 why big kids are awesome: when Pacey started feeling bad he looked at me and said in the saddest little voice, "Mom, I'm not feeling so well." So much easier than trying to decipher why a younger kid is acting like a beast.

5. I bought a new water table for the kids to play with and it is just about the best thing ever. If you're in the market, this toy rocks:

6. Along similar lines (of consumerism, that is), we recently killed our blender making smoothies and replaced it with a Ninja. I'm totally in love. My go-to breakfast in winter is oats, but in summer I love smoothies and this thing makes it SO easy.

7. I've recently started listening to audiobooks. I love putting on my headphones and listening on my phone while I do chores. I'm definitely learning that I have some pretty specific likes and dislikes when it comes to audiobooks. A good narrator makes a world of difference and a bad one is like nails on a chalkboard. I don't like hearing a narrator do accents badly. Hearing them read swear words makes me cringe. And I read SO much faster in print than I can listen. You can adjust the speed but I haven't been able to get used to anything faster than the standard. It's annoying because I've been borrowing from the library and struggling to finish the books in the allotted time. I'm currently listening to Delicious by Ruth Reichl and it's a great story but I won't finish it before it expires tomorrow. I recommend, though, based on the part I've been able to listen to.