Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Singing the Flues

So, that flu that's flattening people everywhere? Yeah that happened here. The kids have had what I am guessing was a mild version and I have been truly, truly sick for the last few days. We all got flu shots back in October and I'm so grateful because I can't imagine what this would have been like without at least some immune response (I am attributing my own fall from grace to my wimpy pregnant immune system. At least I know the baby is likely blithely hanging out, completely unaware).

Other things I am grateful for:

-My husband's excellent nursemaiding. We are not historically very sympathetic to each other's physical discomforts and illnesses but he has been very understanding and rearranged his work schedule to be at home handling things as much as possible. He also drove me to the Urgent Care early yesterday morning when it was -16 degrees so I wouldn't have to park and walk.

- The extreme efficiency of that particular Urgent Care facility. I was in and out in about 30 minutes, prescription filled and in hand.

- Kids who are self-sufficient enough that even when C had to go into the office this morning, they mainly entertained themselves and allowed me to languish on the couch. I cannot even say how glad I am that no one requires diaper changes anymore around here.

- DVDs. We are going to need a serious detox after the marathon movie-watching sessions of this week. Do I care? Not a bit.

- That at least if I had to be quarantined in the house for several days, it coincided nicely with the horrendously cold weather I'd have been avoiding going out in anyway.

I think Pacey will be fine to go to school tomorrow (he hasn't had a fever in several days now, I just couldn't fathom getting him there today), and B and I might do something wild like go to the grocery store for essentials. Seriously, is it spring yet??

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Navigating the Mothership said...

Yuck. I'm sorry you are dealing with that, esp while pregnant. Not easy at all.

We have YET ANOTHER cold over here, but just Oliver and I so it's bearable. This winter is proving to be a rough one between all the sickness and colds.

hope you feel better very soon!