Sunday, January 27, 2013

14 Weeks

Perhaps more discernible growth in the bags under my
eyes than the bump


* In addition to the bout with the flu, I woke up Saturday morning with a raging ear infection. This poor baby is getting so many drugs I think he might be born holding a prescription pad. I'm completely comfortable that the risks of anything I'm taking are far outweighed by the benefits, but it does seem totally backwards that you would get sicker during a time you're supposed to be taking fewer medications.

* I'm still wearing a couple pairs of my normal jeans, just. I've never been one of those people that can wear normal jeans through the second trimester with just some sort of waistband-altering device. Unfortunately I gave away every stitch of maternity clothing I ever owned before we moved, so sure was I that I would not be having another baby. Fortunately, it was all either business-style clothing for work or stuff suitable for wearing in California in the spring/summer so it would have been largely useless anyway. I foresee a trip to a store selling maternity clothing in my near future; based on past experience, there will probably be bad lighting and some tears.

* The first thing that actually sounded good to eat this week was wafer cookies. You know, those waffle-y ones with cream in the middle that come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry? Or, well, yellow, brown and pink anyhow...I'm not sure there is any actual flavor to them whatsoever. Apparently the desire for fake foodstuffs has not left entirely.

* Brighton asked the dreaded question earlier today: how DID the baby get in there? I asked her what she thought and she came up with two theories:

1) He scratched open my stomach and "popped" inside (I'm a little disturbed this was her first idea), and

2) He went in through my mouth, down my throat and into my stomach. This one made a little more sense, especially since we are inclined to tell kids that gestating fetuses reside in stomachs.

I then offered the very vague explanation that the baby was made from an egg and a seed (oh god) and she thought it was the absolute funniest thing she'd ever heard. Like LITERALLY rolling on the floor laughing. She made me repeat it several times, with the same reaction, and then I suggested that perhaps we should look for a book at the library to help us learn about it. So to the library we go...and I'm beginning to appreciate at least one advantage to the smaller age gap between the first two kids.


Elsha said...

I'm impressed at anyone who can wear regular jeans past 12 weeks. In my 3rd pregnancy I was in maternity jeans by like 8 weeks.

Also, isn't it funny when kids think we're joking but we aren't? Sometimes the truth is just that weird kid! (I'm pretty sure when/if we have another baby Kalena will be asking ALL the questions.)

SE said...

I've discovered that I really like the Gap maternity clothes. The quality seems good and they are comfortable. They have great sales and real sizes. I don't understand why maternity wear should be different than regular sizing. At Target, size "small" in maternity is for sizes 0-8. I just don't get that.
Oh! Also check Gilt and Zulily - they have great sales too.