Saturday, January 5, 2013


It seems impossible that New Year's Eve was earlier this week. I don't know if it's the dark, cold January days or the lack of normal routine or what, but this week felt like a month.

Contrary to my predictions, we ended up staying at our party until midnight. Our hosts did a great job of organizing things such that the kids were entertained but not running around like maniacs, and they all made it awake til midnight except for Brighton, who nodded off at 11:30 (pretty much the worst case scenario). The kids were watching a movie as midnight rolled around, all snuggled up in blankets and sleeping bags. Here's Pacey just before we gathered to ring in the new year:

I told him it was time to come downstairs and he leapt up and said, "Oh yeah, rock and roll!"

Here's B:

She pretty much said, "I'm sleeping, screw the new year."

There was toasting and general merriment and then we faced the unpleasant task of waking a very tired girl up and getting her into snow gear to get home. The windchill had the temperature at around -12, and she was...not pleased to say the least. Frankly, I felt like crying too. But! We all made it home and everyone went straight to sleep and slept in a bit the next day. And someone took his first nap when not ill in about two years:

I was able to take this photo from my vantage point next to him, where I also took a blissful New Year's nap. All in all, I consider it a success although I am not sure I'll feel compelled to repeat every year. It was nice to recognize the occasion though, and even nicer to celebrate (and therefore leave the mess) at someone else's home. A home, by the way, which is equipped with under-floor heating. If I ever have the opportunity, I'd give up a lot to have this in my home. I actually contemplated curling up on the bathroom floor at one point it just felt so heavenly and warm (I didn't).

So. On to 2013. As of this coming Monday we will be back to normal schedule with both kids in school (NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON) and as nice as it has been to laze around, it's time to kick it back into gear. Happy New Year all!

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Navigating the Mothership said...

I was just thinking today that the past 5 days have taken 5 years to pass.

But perhaps that's because it involved puking :)