Thursday, January 10, 2013


Ok, I promise that the blog is not going to become All Pregnancy All the Time, but I do have a few things I want to record in case my husband still thinks a fourth child is a good idea when we've gotten through #3 and I can just direct him (and myself) here.

So. First trimester. Not a fun time. So many people have it so much worse than me, but I will confess that for 8-10 straight weeks I felt like crap. I'm not an actual puker, for which I am grateful, but constant nausea makes it really difficult to eat the way you want to when you're growing a human being inside of you.

I'm normally a pretty darn healthy eater. I LIKE healthy food. Sure, I indulge a decent amount but in general I eat way more homemade food than purchased and am always looking for the healthier option if I can. However, in the first trimester? That goes out the window. For some reason the only food that sounds even remotely appealing is as processed as it comes and bears almost no resemblance to actual food. We are talking Velveeta Shells & Cheese. Grape Kool-Aid (plain water sounds revolting to me when I have morning sickness). Quaker Fruit and Cream Oatmeal. TOTINO'S PARTY PIZZA for heaven's sake. Disgusting, awful, unhealthy crap. And yet, that's all I can stomach. And I don't feel one iota of guilt about it. Seriously, none.

Thankfully, the nausea has died down to almost nothing and my appetite is returning to normal, albeit slightly ramped up. Today after dropping off the kids I actually stopped at the local market for a basket of produce because suddenly fruits and vegetables sounded amazing. Unfortunately not the ideal time of year to develop a produce fetish, but there are some giant Chilean blueberries, crisp Jazz apples and the most perfect avocado I've ever seen waiting for me in the fridge.

Here's hoping the baby doesn't come out with two heads from all that crap!

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Elsha said...

What is it about pregnancy nausea that makes process crap sound so great? I want fast food cheese burgers, like, every day when I'm pregnant.