Thursday, January 17, 2013

December is Red and Green, January is Blue

I transcribed a conversation held between B and myself in the bathroom this afternoon and I really wanted to post it but...well, I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to rule the world one day and I don't want to damage her credibility. Trust me when I say, it was hilarious.

Remember my Winter Survival Plan?  Yeah, this pregnancy (which I am happy and grateful for and not taking for granted) is really cramping my ability to follow the plan. Wine? Nope. Hot tub? Nope. Strenuous exercise? I can barely slog through the daily grind right now, let alone find extra energy to work out. Not napping? HA HA. A 45-minute snooze is the only way I'm making it through some afternoons. Reaping the benefits of the season? Nope. We have almost no snow right now and Monday is due to have high temps in the negatives. Not exactly conducive to getting out and enjoying winter.

It's been a long month so far, is what I'm saying. I am hearing from a lot of people that this year has felt especially hard...cold snaps and a rough cold/flu season aren't helping. January is dragging on and I'm finding it hard to get motivated and/or enthusiastic about much. This will definitely be the month that we plan a warm-location getaway in future years.

I guess one exciting thing on the horizon is that we're going to have someone come and look at putting in another bedroom for us. There's open attic space above our master bedroom and we're hoping to squeeze in a fifth bedroom and avoid putting kids in together (I have nothing against that in principal, just that I predict it would result in less/worse sleep at least in the beginning and I'd love to NOT deal with that). That was one thing on our wish list when we had the house on the market but if we can make this work I'd dearly love to not move at this point.

So there's that. I know that next winter will be easier in some ways - and harder in many, many others (I...haven't done the whole Infant-in-Winter thing). I'm coping fine, not getting depressed and doing my best to take it easy and not feel guilty about being less capable of achieving things at Super Mom pace. And on the bright side, winter layers are really helping disguise the awkward not-ready-for-maternity-clothes-but-not-so-much-fitting-in-regular-ones-either stage.

Still though, would anyone like to come and hang out with two adorable children through, say, the end of February so I can ride out the winter in Hawaii?

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