Friday, November 23, 2012

White Friday

We had a little snowfall last night - just an inch or so but enough that the kids were SUPER excited to go out and play in it. This is where is comes in really handy having a husband that loves winter and never gets cold. The three of them are out adventuring while I am nice and warm inside, cleaning up messes and listening to Christmas tunes.

We had a nice holiday yesterday. We invited a couple without family nearby to join us and it was a lovely time. Although we have gotten pretty good at doing the feast for just our family, it's nice to have friends to share it with. And it means we haven't cooked an entire turkey for 1.25 people (Chris and Pacey) and one already very well-fed dog. Brighton declined to eat any Thanksgiving food - surprise surprise - and I fondly recalled the number of holidays on which my main meal consisted of rolls (or whatever bread product was on offer).

Hope you and yours had a lovely day and that you enjoy elbowing through the crowds or lazing around at home, whatever your Black Friday activity of choice may be.

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