Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Remember in elementary school where you'd have a prompt to fill-in-the-blank with descriptors, thereby composing complex, beautiful poetry? Something a bit like, "Winter is..." Well, here's my grown-up-with-my-own-kids version.

Winter is...

An original composition by Me

Winter is having to choose between cold ears or perpetually bad hair.

Winter is buying even more expensive produce for your kids to turn up their noses at.

Winter is getting so comfortable in your scuff slippers in the house that you constantly forget to change them for real shoes when you leave the house.

Winter is an additional ten minute argument every morning over whether a coat is required when it is 17 degrees outside.

Winter is celebrating the fact that it's almost bedtime and then looking at the clock to realize it's only 4:30.

Winter is circling the parking lot hoping for a parking space that requires less than one quarter of a mile of dragging/coaxing kids (who apparently do not feel the cold) toward the door.

Winter is fantasizing about a world in which we can leave our kids safely and legally in the car while we run into the store for just two things.

Winter is a four-month-ish reprieve from picking up dog poop (see that, I'm being positive!)

Winter is guzzling antioxidants in the form of hot tea (and again!)

Winter is not my favorite season.

Man, I feel like getting out the construction paper and Elmer's glue now...


Kerri said...

I had that same argument with Allie this morning over wearing a winter coat versus a sweatshirt. Over the telephone as I was on my way to work and my husband had given up arguing with her but knew he should not let her go without it so called me!

Sad to know we are not alone!!

Anonymous said...

Here are some of my winter is moments...

Winter is wearing a down skirt in 4below weather...It also is skiing, sledding, snoe shoeing,snow bike riding, snow man making and ice skating. Winter is wishing you had enough snow to do the activities and then wishing it would eventually stop. Winter is inevitable. :)

Jaida said...

I think I know who left that comment...your winter attitude is much better than mine ;)