Thursday, November 1, 2012

Out With a Whimper

Ok, I feel a little guilty that I missed the last day of posting, but I'm going to get over it. Posting every day was a great goal, but I feel pretty comfortable having skipped a few days in favor of actually living my life with my child with Down syndrome. I hope to keep posting on a pretty regular basis, I really do like having all these posts to look back at.

Despite some grinch-y feelings on my part, we had a nice Halloween in the end. Trick-or-treating was really fun this year and I was so proud of both my kids for their cooperation and manners. It was especially nice that neither kid had school today so we could recover a little. Unfortunately I had scheduled a playdate here for my MOMS Club so I was still up and moving to get ready this morning but it was a nice chance to chat with my friends.

Halloween is one of those holidays that I feel is a little over-celebrated. It seems like there are so many Halloween-themed events leading up to the day that by the time it actually arrives everyone is sort of over it. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway. Fun was had. Costumes were worn. Candy was obtained. And now it's only three weeks until Thanksgiving (!!!!)

This kid was SO excited for Halloween. 

Our friend S. He was dressed as a man being eaten by a lion.

Flying unicorn with a wand. Naturally. 

I told Pacey he could pick one more piece to eat before we put it away. He
dug around a bit and pulled out a full-size Hershey's. I've never been prouder.

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