Monday, November 26, 2012

Circus Circus

I'm pretty sure as far as Pacey is concerned, Christmas has come and gone. My friend alerted me to the fact that the circus was going to be in town over the long weekend (and offered me 2-for-1 coupons, thanks Carrie!) and we bought tickets for Saturday. Not only did Pacey get to see a pretty spectacular elephant show - seriously, I was amazed - but he got to ride one before the show started. It might have been the coolest thing he's ever done. I thought it was pretty awesome too. Brighton got to ride on a pony, which she's been DYING to do since forever (and her daddy suffered mightily for it...he's very allergic to horses). It won't always be possible, but there is something very cool about getting to make your kids' dreams come true.

We also managed to follow a principle I've been working really hard to develop: leaving the party while everyone is still having fun. The first half of the show was a full 1.5 hours and then they announced an intermission. The kids didn't know that it wasn't the actual end of the circus (sorry, future kids!) and they'd seen the things they were most looking forward to so we just left. No traffic getting out and we were home in time for dinner. All around, a wild success.


Kerri said...

I love that you left during intermission and rationalized it as a learning experience. I am so using that!!!

If you ever get the chance to take the kids to Circus Smirkus, Brighton will love it. It is all young kids doing acrobatics.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I am so glad your kids had a good time. From the looks of the elephant photo it looks like you had a good time too.

Navigating the Mothership said...

Just catching up on my Google Reader after a long hiatus and I had to tell you that we went to the circus that same morning and also snuck out halfway through.

Bella, Oliver, & A loved it? Me? GACK, clowns freak me out. But the circus master's double wheel thing was pretty cool