Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Peek into Some Five-Year-Old Minds

Brighton's teachers also held mid-term conferences and I attended hers on Monday. She's doing just fine in her class and, interestingly, both kids are showing aptitudes for numbers. I wasn't terrible at math, but numbers is the language C speaks. He was actually a math major in college and I think it tickles him to see the kids interested in numbers.

Anyway, it's always interesting to hear about your child's behavior in a different environment as well as see what they produce in terms of art projects and other work. For some reason I have always been particularly interested in how the kids' development is reflected in their drawings. I seem to remember that you can really see the different developmental stages in self-portraits. On that note, I was pleased to see the below:

Although she's been drawing pictures of herself for a few months now, this is the first I have seen where she's used different colors and included as many details as she did. Apparently the teachers had to hunt out a blue marker, so insistent was she that the eyes needed to be blue like hers (another feature inherited from daddy). And in the bottom left is her "B" for Brighton. She's very interested in learning to write so we've been practicing her name.

So anyway, conference was fine, development on track, etc. I am going to have a speech evaluation done in the classroom (the benefit of attending a school that offers therapy programs as well). I just want to check that her articulation is within normal limits. I think it will be, but I'm well aware that if she needs any tweaking, the earlier the better.

On our way out I noticed a wall of drawings done by the 5-year-old class (year before kindergarten). They were supposed to write about a law they would make if they were president. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. It is SO funny to see what kids think about. A few of my favorites:

It's true, there are a LOT of flattened squirrels on the
roads this time of year

This is such a great one. Helmets aren't a law in MN and
Chris and I constantly marvel at the number of motorcyclists
not wearing them. It tickled me (in a morbid way) that it
appears there is a halo above this person. Rather an astute
observation for a 5yo

And this. Just, what? I can only assume the kids have
been taught something about logging? No idea. 

I took Brighton to the polls with me and she got such a kick out of it. She got her own kid ballot to vote on and was MOST annoyed that she didn't get to insert it into the tabulator. Not as annoyed, however, as she was when I told her I was voting for who would be president. "But I want to be president!!!" Yes, my girl, I bet you do. I mean, look at this face:

Wouldn't YOU vote for her??

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