Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few Quick Things

- Today is a big day. Pacey is having his first real, drop-him-off-and-come-get-him-later playdate with a friend from school. The friend's mom called last week and said that her son really wanted to have Pacey over. Part of me is so happy that he's making friends and that the kids feel comfortable with him. The other part of me can't believe he's at an age where this is normal and appropriate. My BABY!

- Today Brighton sat in the car behind me with the sun in her face and said, "Mom, when I close my eyes I can see my future." Huh. I questioned her a little about this but she mostly told me the names of people who are part of her future. Kind of a trip!

- I may or may not have ordered our holiday cards for the year already. It's one of those things that I LOVE in theory, but the choices are so completely endless that it can be paralyzing if I think about it too hard. This year I just went to the Costco website, chose a style I liked, slotted some photos in and voila! Picked them up the next day. Sure, they aren't Tiny Prints, tri-fold cards with professionally-taken photos, but they were cheap and I like them.

- I am going to a formal evening event with Chris on Friday night. I have a black dress that I am going to wear (I'm not sure I've ever actually worn it) and I tried it on today just to be sure it was going to work ok. It fits just fine (thanks to Dexter for kicking my ass into some semblance of shape) but it is strapless and unfortunately displays some fairly egregious tan lines on my back. I asked for a self-tanner recommendation from my Beauty Guru (aka my sister) but I am frankly terrified of the stuff. So what say you: is it unbearably tacky to expose one's tan lines at a wintertime event in the midwest? The bare legs vs. some sort of leg-covering issue is hard enough without this added! So jealous of my husband in his full-body covering tuxedo.

- I just overheard B say, "I don't like your attitude Pace!!" It would appear that they do actually hear me, even if they don't often listen!

- My problem with B's blankie situation is sorting itself out....sort of. She's started adding items to her collection of Must-Have-at-All-Times important things. This is good in that I hope it's taking some of the focus off her rapidly-wearing #1 Blankie. On the other hand, a little face has been appearing at my bedside in the middle of the night requesting assistance to locate one or another of the items. Which is super fun in the dark, disoriented and blind without my glasses on. Also, I've had to start bringing her backpack with us everywhere to cart along all the items.

- Pacey's auntie gave him a Viewmaster for his birthday. Considering how much they love technology, this toy has been a HUGE surprise hit with both kids. It's relatively inexpensive too, if Santa's looking for good toys for the 3-5 set.

- We had this book as kids that we always got out with the Christmas things. I loved this book and really wanted our old copy to read to my kids. No one in the family could figure out what it was called though. I've been searching for this book for about five years now, even going onto websites that search for books based on snippets of information you have. No luck until the other day. I did a basic search on Amazon for books to add to our Christmas collection and THERE IT WAS. "Christmas in Noisy Village" by Astrid Lindgren. I can't wait until it gets here.

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