Friday, June 17, 2011

Who's Your Daddy - Volume 2

Next up, my dad.

Here's where I would put a photo of my dad and I...if I had even a single one!! The combination of only seeing him a couple of times a year and the fact that 99% of the time I am the photographer means that of our thousands of photos I couldn't find any of the two of us together. I do, however, have a lot of great shots of him with the kids! I'll intersperse the photos with this list of fun facts about Tod...

* He passed on his sweet tooth directly to me (and my sister). To this day, I have candy stashed in at least four different locations in the house. Ok, in my car too.

* He doesn't give himself enough credit for all the ways he was/is a good dad.

* He looks like Albert Einstein first thing in the morning.

* He taught me how to change a tire, mow the lawn and paint. Unfortunately, he taught me those last two so well that I've pretty much landed those jobs exclusively in my own house now.

* He makes an effort to keep his own father, who is elderly and disabled from multiple health conditions, involved in the family.

* He can be incredibly stubborn (might have gotten a little of that along with the sweet tooth...thanks dad!).

* He can play the guitar and is the only member of my immediate family who can carry a tune.

* He balanced out my mom's efforts to feed us healthy food with the occasional Lucky Wishbone lunch, complete with milkshake.

* He once offered to pay me $20 to eat a bite of salmon. I declined (famously, my sister ate it for $10 and was pissed when he raised the offer for me).

* He was the official Tooth Puller in our house and once tried to disguise a pair of pliers underneath a paper towel.

* He has a very neat signature which made it easy to forge in high school :)

* He's a really excellent Papa to his grandkids, who miss him very much.

Happy Father's Day dad. If you were here I'd make you a pan of brownies to celebrate. We love you.

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