Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life in Cell Phone Pictures

Well, we survived our "vacation" with the kids and are now in the painful re-entry process whereby the kids scream for DVDs every time we get in the car for 5 minute drives and think that french fries will be part of every meal.

While we all get re-acquainted with life and routine, I didn't want to lose momentum so thought I would post some of my recent cell phone pictures. Naturally the quality isn't great, but the phone camera is so handy it allows me to capture some amusing moments I wouldn't otherwise. Enjoy!

Pacey's last day of school. We celebrated with
giant chocolate chip cookies and he fell asleep
as he swallowed the last bite

Little helper

She insisted on the boots despite the fact it was
nearly 100 degrees

The kids love it when I take silly pictures of them
with my phone and then show them

I hated 100+ degree days in,
when it appears the summer alternative is 60
and drizzing, I say BRING THE HEAT

Yes, I feed my kids McDonalds once a week. It makes them
ridiculously happy.


Pacey can entertain himself with almost anything.
This was at our vacation condo - rocks from the
landscaping and an ash tray kept him busy for quite

This is the face of a mother realizing that she
was naive to think the kids would go to sleep
in the same room in an entirely unfamiliar

Sometimes restaurants just get it right

This is an arcade toy Chris won for Brighton
our last day in Wisconsin. It has been dubbed
Puppy and Brighton is mortified if he leaves her

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