Saturday, June 11, 2011

Case Study

I took a photo of this quote, which appears on a wall at the Children's Museum in St. Paul, because my first thought was that there is no way Ms. Gopnik can possibly ever have had a toddler. I am 100% sure that my toddler's main goal in life is to drive me crazy. And frankly, the preschooler appears to have the same goal. I submit to you the following evidence:

Exhibit 1: Yesterday, we had to go to the pediatrician for a follow-up visit for Pacey. I really like our pediatrician, but she tends to spend a lot of time with each of her patients so we often have a wait before we see her. So, tempers and moods were a bit frayed by the time we needed to collect a urine sample. I gave Brighton a paintbrush to "paint" things with while I helped Pacey. We finished up and I was helping Pacey wash his hands when I turned around just in time to see Brighton dip the paintbrush IN THE TOILET and proceed to (oh god) PUT IT IN HER MOUTH. Seriously, what could possibly compel a child to do that besides a desire to drive her mother crazy??

Exhibit 2: We took the kids and dogs to the park this morning so everyone could have a little run around. It rained a little last night so the slides were wet (a spare disposable diaper took care of that) and there were puddles on the sidewalk that rings the park. Anyway, the dogs had a good run and then stopped for a drink in one of the muddy-filled-with-worms puddles. Pacey, having watched this, decided that he too would lie down, stick his face in the puddle and have a good drink too. I suppose we should just be happy that he didn't attempt to lift his leg like the dogs!

I feel I should point out a couple of things here. My kids have plenty to drink at all times and are therefore not so desperate for water that they need to turn to TOILETS (I can't type that without caps) or mud puddles. Nor, I promise you, have we ever demonstrated or condoned drinking from either of these sources!

Conclusion? My kids do indeed want to drive me crazy.

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