Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Couple of Unrelated Things

As I mentioned before, every week (twice now that it's summer) Brighton and I hang out for 30 minutes while Pacey does his speech therapy. Last week it was raining so we couldn't do our usual walk down to the creek; there are several indoor gyms at the therapy facility and one was empty so we were able to play. There was a dad in there with his daughter - I'd seen the little girl before as her older sister has therapy at the same time as Pacey. I chatted to the dad a little, exchanged names/ages of our kids and then sat back to supervise the girls playing. A few minutes later, the little girl picked up a small soft toy and said to her dad "it looks like a *mumbled word*!" Her dad replied hastily, "you think it looks like a peanut, honey?"

"No Dad," she replied, "it looks like a PENIS!!" I'm pretty sure that dad wanted to die a fiery death right then, but I tell you what, the look on that poor guy's face has kept me going all week.


As is typical with most two-year-olds, Brighton is a pretty finicky eater. She's perfectly healthy and average-sized, but definitely not into food right now. She's usually pretty reliable with fruit, but recently she decided that strawberries are utterly offensive and won't touch them. Until! We planted a topsy turvy strawberry planter and, despite the slow start to spring here, it has produced several red berries. I sampled one and it was unpleasantly sour so I didn't draw the kids' attention to the fact we'd had fruit appear.

Haha, as if that would stop them noticing. We spent an evening out on the deck before dinner one night and Pacey and Brighton discovered the plant and deceptively ripe-looking berries. Before I could stop them, they had plucked the fruit and started sampling. Wouldn't you know it, the girl who turns up her nose at sweet, sun-ripened strawberries smacked her lips and devoured every berry she could find.

So here is my question: If I tied some carrots and broccoli onto that planter, do you think the kids would eat those too?

We like to put our kids to work early...
uniforms optional

In the time-honored tradition of the oldest sibling, Pacey
works on his supervisory skills

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