Sunday, June 26, 2011


I figured a quick post about our vacation was probably warranted, mainly so that one day I can prove to the kids that we did fun stuff with them when they were young.

We headed to the Dells in Wisconsin, an area that randomly has multiple large indoor and outdoor waterpark resorts. It's about a four hour drive from here and we got a great deal on a condo for 4 days/3 nights. Sounds perfect right? Indeed, for the three members of our family that don't mind being wet and cold for hours on end. Spoiler: I am not one of those three members. I definitely win some take-one-for-the-team points on this vacation. The kids had a fantastic time though, and are only maybe a year off being pretty independent so I don't have to spend all MY time ducking under lukewarm water sprays and submerging myself in kiddie pools full of...well, yeah.

It was great to see the kids get more comfortable in the water; Pacey, especially, had been very timid to this point and he really gained a lot of confidence. Chris is pretty motivated to keep their swimming skills coming along because we have a deal that he can't have a fishing boat until the kids can swim unaided.

We were persuaded (well, bribed actually) to listen to the timeshare sales pitch, and in exchange for 60 only partially excruciating minutes of our time we received another free vacation package to go back.

Oh goody.

One more thing before the photos. Have you ever wondered what's between Minnesota and Wisconsin? I can now tell you: lots of farms, countless cheese shops and, inexplicably, a disproportionate number of *adult* stores. My favorite of which advertised discount adult accessories and a bakery. Didn't spend too much time trying to figure that one out...

The World's Least Comfortable Sofa Bed (no, really)

Climbing up to the water slide

Very annoyed about enforced break/snack time out of the water

Rare photo of my husband smiling

Perhaps my favorite part of the day...(yes, of course we were

Once they got a little braver they went up together, hands
tightly clasped

As a break from the wet fun, I entered this four story, thousand
degree indoor rat maze hell with P, B and about a million other
small beasts. Had we not been on our way back home at this
point I'd be BEGGING to get back in the water.

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Anonymous said...

I think your family is having much more fun than we ever did on our family vacations--at least you have a much better sense of humor than I did at the time! Love, love, love reading your posts!! Mom