Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who's Your Daddy - Last But Certainly Not Least

I'm going to try to keep the schmoop to a reasonable level so as not to embarrass Chris...

I don't think he'd mind me saying that he grew into fatherhood over time. Neither of us was prepared to become parents (how can you be??) and certainly not under the unusual circumstances of Pacey's birth.

However, today Chris is one of the best fathers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is the ultimate Papa Bear Protector and I have no doubt that he would stand in front of a train for either of our kids.

For someone who is as ambitious and career-focused as he is, Chris does a really remarkable job of balancing out his work and home life. He chooses to be at home as often as possible by the kids' bedtime and puts Pacey to bed every night (after a ritual involving hugs, kisses and telling him how proud he is of him). He is conscious of including the kids in his leisure activities and has made a point of taking Pacey fishing and to various sporting events. He'd take Brighton too if she would consent to be more than two feet away from me.

He is absolutely useless at discipline or telling the kids "no." I have no doubt that they will very shortly discover which parent they should ask for things. I'm not sure this makes him a particularly *good* father, but he sure is popular! :)

Chris is dedicated to making sure that our kids have everything they need to succeed in their lives, which goes far beyond material items. He gives them support, self-esteem and is generous with his affection. I don't think anyone that knows him could ever question his love or devotion to Pacey and Brighton.

Perhaps best of all - at their current ages - he knows how to be silly and has a great time playing with the kids.

It's been very gratifying to watch him grow into such a great father and I couldn't be happier to have him in my fox-hole through all the ups and downs of the craziness that is parenting.

Happy Father's Day babe, we love you.

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carrie said...

Jaida, I love reading your blog and catching up on your family! Hope Chris had a nice Father's day, we miss and love you guys!
Love, Carrie and Family