Sunday, April 28, 2013

27 Weeks

Hellloooooo third trimester. This is the point at which you feel like you're comically huge but then you do some simple subtraction and realize there is still so much more growing to go. Though I'm almost looking forward to Hedgehog getting a little more cramped in there so he can simmer down the bopping around, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Must stop taking photos first thing in the
morning. Not doing me any favors.

Also, look! Sun! We've had a glorious 72 hours of sunshine and I'm in a forgiving mood: Minnesota, you're still alright.

We went to a Twins game on Saturday afternoon, our first of the season. I was reminded of how unusual it was for Pacey to be so attentive and well-behaved at sporting events starting at age 2. Brighton was...a challenge.
Ready to catch a foul ball, mom

Before the whining started

This kid was made for sporting events
Hopefully there will be another house update to come this week...due to a moisture issue in the stucco in the last house (that wasn't revealed to us until the purchase agreement had been signed), we had to walk away. We've had an offer accepted on another house and are really hoping everything proceeds as planned. If you feel inclined, keep your fingers crossed for us!

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Lisa said...

Gosh, you look adorable! You make me miss pregnancy!