Sunday, May 5, 2013

Four Years Minus 10 Days

Oh this girl. She alternately tells me I'm the best mom ever to live with, or the most boring mom. She has big ears (figuratively speaking) and unwittingly calls me out on occasion. Her little-kid speech patterns are rapidly disappearing, enough that I've stopped correcting. I want to hear her call us the Harris Fal-imy for a bit longer.

She picked out the above outfit entirely from Pacey's closet. Well, except for the socks. She apparently likes to wear two different ones "so I can remember which one goes on which foot!" What you can't see is that the outfit is completed by a pair of Shrek briefs, worn backwards of course (why don't they put the picture on the front?!?) This was the day I was taking her for her state-mandated Early Childhood Screening (where they identify any areas your child could use intervention to ensure kindergarten readiness). It was terribly difficult for me to not make her change, but I didn't. She loved the outfit and I can tell it made her feel good. So, whatever. The examiner complimented her profusely on her enthusiasm, cooperativeness and general good-nature (and my girl is a smarty pants). Although my two children score very differently on these standardized tests, I hear equally complimentary things about their participation, willingness and manners and I could NOT be prouder of either of them.

When she sleeps, scrappy blankie wrapped around her face, 17 books open around her and more often than not a few stuffed toys also keeping her company, she still looks little. Her cheeks have a little baby-curve left in them and her pouty little lips look the same as the day she was born. But the rest is disappearing so fast (in other words, the time is right to bring a new baby home!!!)

Age three has absolutely had its challenges, but on the whole I have enjoyed this year with her immensely.

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