Friday, May 24, 2013


Pacey playing Little Brother Pig in his school play. He
did a fantastic job. You can see he's still kind of a peanut
compared to his peers (like his mama)

The only real picture I have so far of our new house

Cinderella with the Birthday Brother

Princess fashion show

Kids' faces are so sweet when they are being sung to

Kite flying on a rare day I had enough energy to take the kids to the park

Great way to burn off energy!

Teaming up to conquer a tricky water fountain

Pacey about to win a game of Sly Fox

Love, love, love these two and their happy faces

B captured a pretty good picture of me and my boy(s)

"Look mom, I fly high like a bird." Hearing this kid's words never gets old


Lisa said...

Sweet. All of it.

Elsha said...

I love it. Your kids are adorable.