Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Three Things

We have this really basic (read: lame) board book we got for free somewhere that has about eight pages, each with a picture of an animal on it. For some reason, B has been picking this particular book as her last-one-before-bed story lately. I got a little bored with it tonight so I asked her to tell me three things she knew about each animal as we turned the pages. For those of you with three- or four-year-olds, I highly recommend this as an amusing activity. My favorite was the rhinoceros:

1) They have horns
2) They poke other animals with their horns
3) They sometimes have runny noses (?)


In keeping with that little anecdote, here are three things about each kid, lately.


1) The other day he went ahead and confirmed what we all suspected was the truth anyway: "Look, it's Daddy! Pacey's favorite!"

2) He has just started developing an interest in good guys/bad guys, largely due to the recent movie Wreck-It Ralph. It's hard to tell just how much of the concept he understands, but he does a hilarious evil "Mwah-ha-ha" laugh when he's being the bad guy. The other day we were killing time at a sporting goods store and decided to fit the kids for new bikes. Brighton hopped right on one with training wheels and started pedaling up and down aisles. Pacey has had a harder time mastering pedaling and he was getting a little frustrated with it, and with his little sister being more proficient. At one point Chris was helping him down an aisle and he pulled up alongside Brighton who turned sharply and toppled off her bike. Pacey pedaled right by her with a "mwah-ha-ha" under his breath. Now, I don't condone this sort of malicious delight in another's misfortune but my GOD it was hilarious and I know Chris and I were both having a hard time not laughing out loud (B was fine).

3) He absolutely cannot resist babies. We were at the pediatrician today and there was a two-week-old baby in her for her first check-up. I had to physically restrain him because he so badly wanted to hug and kiss the baby. Man was he pissed at me. I suspect our baby is going to be extremely well-loved-upon.


1) The other day she started singing, "too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt," and I about fainted dead away. I eventually figured out that she'd picked it up from a Shrek spoof of American Idol where Prince Charming sings that gem from Right Said Fred. Frankly, I'd be less bothered hearing the f-bomb come out of her mouth than I was hearing her sing about being sexy!!

2) She has recently made friends with an eight-year-old girl who has speech therapy right after Pacey. Chloe, the girl, also has Down syndrome and it makes me happy to see that Brighton accepts her for who she is and doesn't appear to notice any differences about her. Every week she looks forward to playing in the gym with Chloe while we wait for Pacey to finish up, and she's even asked me if she can invite Chloe over.

3) She continues to be extremely excited about the baby and tells every single soul she encounters that her mommy has a baby brother in her tummy. At this point I am VERY relieved that her questions about how the baby got there were limited in scope and easily addressed without too much detail. Or I suspect we'd be having a lot of seriously uncomfortable conversations with strangers.

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