Monday, December 19, 2011

A True Christmas Miracle

Our house sits, with one other, at the end of a relatively long driveway. I love it because it's pretty private and quiet back here, and we don't get many unintentional visitors. Anyway, the one downside (well, I suppose Chris would argue that dragging the trash and recycling all the way down to the street every Sunday night is another sizeable downside) is that the poor UPS guy has to park his truck at the end and walk all of our packages down to the door. I tend to shop an awful lot online...since and Amazon Mom came into being, I have been able to order a lot of our essentials online and save at least one trip to Target each week. Anyway, point of this part of the story is: the UPS guy delivers packages to our doorstep nearly every day normally and every single day during the holidays.


Here's a view of our entryway and front door:

See that blind next to the door? That's a tall window that looks out onto our porch and the driveway beyond. Would you like to know where I was when I snapped this picture? I was sitting on the toilet (no, not ON the toilet, just sitting on the lid) in our half bath. The photo is not as compelling as it should be, since I keep that blind open during the day, being the light-a-phile that I am.

The final significant fact here is that (WARNING: OVERSHARE AHEAD) since having children, I pretty much never shut the bathroom door when they're awake. Unless we have guests, in which case I have to remind myself. Seriously. It's just easier not to deal with whining outside the door, incessant knocking, or little fingers poking their way underneath and, more often than not, getting stuck.

Adding this all together, the true Christmas miracle of 2011 is that in all of his four gazillion trips to our front porch, the UPS man has not yet caught me sitting upon my throne. Well, I suppose there are still five delivery days you think I should wave when the inevitable happens??

P.S. The kids got Christmas haircuts today. In case you wondered, I am one of the nice moms that says yes to the lollipops when they're done.


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Wow..I'm a frist time vistor to your blog. Thanks for the kind welcome. :)

Sounds like you guys have a ton of fun at your house!