Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Catch-Up

Well, so much for posting every day. We have been doing lots of fun things though! My sister and her husband and son were here from Friday to Monday and we had lots of fun with the kids. D is 18 months old and...boy, I forgot just how busy that age is (for baby AND parents). We were going to take the kids downtown to see Santa Claus but between nap scheduling and the short hours on Sunday we didn't end up doing it. We did make a gingerbread house and decorate cookies, torture D in the snow and exchange some gifts. My sister and I also went for a pedicure (for which Brighton ended up joining us, due to her refusal to be separated from me) and we all spent some time in the hot tub. It was a great visit, though short, and I'm so glad the kids all got a chance to hang out with each other.

First salon experience. She hopped right up in the chair and
took off her socks and shoes.

The three kids plotting escape routes.

A cookie masterpiece

Baby's First Andes Mint

The two Ds

Baby D and me

One of D's most favorite activities is to get his mama's hair
in a death grip and hang on for dear life

Before he face planted in the snow

This expression on his face pretty much sums it up (it was
t-shirt weather for us Minnesotans)

Taking a break from his mayhem to watch a little Elmo

Bonus question for extra credit: what is
this delightful creation Brighton brought
home from school?

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