Friday, December 2, 2011

Memories That Last Forever (read the post, you'll see I don't mean that in a schmaltzy way)

Before I write about today's activity, can anyone spot the mistake I made in hanging the Advent calendar (besides the fact it's hanging wonky...need a couple pins to fix that)?

Here are a couple of clues:

1) The little pouches are filled with chocolate Santas

2) Pacey has grown about 4 inches since this time last year

Guessed it yet? Here's the final clue: Pacey went downstairs this morning while I was helping Brighton get dressed. When we made our way down, he was clutching an unwrapped chocolate Santa in each little fist. I think I need to hang it about eight inches higher than it currently is :)

So anyway, today's activity was to jazz up our tree skirt a little. I am verrrrry much hoping that one of these years soon a certain mother figure will make me a tree skirt (hi Mom!) but until then I just bought a fairly plain green one. I decided I would embellish it a little by tracing the kids' hands on it each year. Perhaps when they are grown one of them will want it until their grandmother figure (hi again Mom) makes them a nice one ;)

This activity started out fine - I obviously wasn't going to trace in the glitter glue so I used a black Sharpie. All went well until Brighton freaked when I told her the marker wouldn't wash off right away. She insisted on attempting it, meanwhile liberally smearing the white sink with black permanent marker.

I'm off to see a man about some bleach spray.

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Mary W. said...

We have some advent calendar thieves at our house too. Now I put the candy in one day at a time, and tell the kids it magically appears in there during the night. Love the tree skirt too! Such a good idea.