Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Oh man, what a day. I was right, this was totally the year that Christmas was beyond awesome. No one threw up in their bed, Santa came and left very well-received presents and it was a lovely, lazy day of just being together.

The only slight snag was that at 4:55 when our Christmas dinner was about halfway cooked, the power went out. We couldn't get any information about the source of the problem, but could see on the power company's website that it was a very widespread outage. Being the resourceful guy he is, Chris headed outside and powered up his grill (I KNEW there must have been a reason to spend that much money on a thing that cooks meat) and was all ready to cook as much of the remaining items as he could outside. Thankfully, about 25 minutes later the power came back on and we were good to go. Could have been a lot worse...many people were estimated not to have power back until 10:00 that night. It has also been a freakishly warm December, so we weren't too concerned about heat, at least in the short term.

There's something so quintessentially Christmas about a race track in the
living room.

In the midst of (another) long winter's nap.

I'm not sure who likes this gift more.

"Chocolate BUNNY!" (she calls money

There was no flashing involved in acquiring these

This was a bigger hit than I thought.
There is a padded jersey and pants to
go with it, but we haven't fully suited
him up yet.

Christmas game of baseball!

Confirming once again that she's a lefty. 

Spying on the deer in our woods. There is a herd that hangs out back there
and I just missed a gorgeous photo of a buck mid-leap. 

Her Christmas dinner consisted of bananas and string cheese. Sigh.

Master Christmas Dinner Saver

Not impressed with his silly hat

See, I WAS there too.
Anyway, it really was a completely perfect day and I was left with a real sense of satisfaction and deep appreciation for all that we have. Hope everyone had a really wonderful day too!

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