Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick's On Me

I should know better than to write out in black and white how well one of my kids is doing health-wise. Since my last post, Pacey suffered a low level sinus infection/cold that managed to turn into pneumonia this week. Poor kid. He missed the Halloween festivities at school, including the annual parade through the town the school sits on the edge of. We did let him go out last night for awhile. It was unusually mild and we dosed him up with meds and bundled him up. He did fine and I'm glad he didn't have to miss out entirely. Another great Halloween...they get better every year the kids get older.

Just because his smile is cute :)

Directly after I took this picture he rolled over for the
first time. Milestones are just as cool the third time

Two pirates and their parrot

This little parrot was remarkably chill through the
whole Halloween experience

She wasn't tired at all, nope, not a bit.


Anonymous said...

So incredibly cute!

Elsha said...

Your kids are adorable! (Will had that parrot costume this year too!)