Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Portrait of a Seven-Year-Old

Aw man, my first baby is seven today. It seems like just yesterday and also several lifetimes ago that he entered this world in a confounding whirlwind of mystery and surprise. I'm so grateful this kid is in my life. He is constantly surprising me and I so look forward to what the next seven years of his life hold.

Today, my Pacey:

Weighs 42 pounds and is 42 inches tall. We joke that he's "square." He's kept up this pattern of gaining a pound for every inch he grows (we should all be so lucky) and this explains why his legs look so long and skinny all of a sudden. Just for interest, this puts him in the 50th percentile for weight and height on a growth curve for children with Ds. He's 10th% for weight and nowhere near the curve for height on a typical curve :)

Has lost four teeth and has another one loose. Very unusually, he has lost the four middle teeth on top first.

Has a long list of sight words he knows and has learned to tie his shoes.

Can operate pretty much any gadget you hand him.

Is just the best brother ever. He's started to push back against Brighton - appropriately - when she's pushing his buttons, but in general they are still thick as thieves. He is so incredibly gentle and loving with Archer. He is truly helpful in keeping the baby happy and occupied when I need to do something else. I'm so glad they all have each other.

LOVES superheroes, cars, Lego Ninjago (the show, I haven't crossed over into the dark side of proper Legos yet) and Angry Birds. He'll still play with anything though and remains better at occupying himself than any child I have met ever.

Is still very social but has learned a lot about boundaries over the last year. He's less likely to be physically affectionate with people he doesn't know, but will introduce himself and his siblings to anyone he meets. "Hi, what's your name? My name is Pacey. This is my sister, Sister." (kills me every time).

Continues to be a real daddy's boy. It makes my heart happy.

Loves, loves, LOVES sports of any kind. He's rocking the court in basketball just as he did in baseball. Many people who have met him this year have commented on his athletic abilities. Only another year until he can get involved with Special Olympics (!!!)

Happy birthday, Peanut.

(I hope this video works. Perhaps if you can watch it you'd be kind enough to comment and let me know?)

EDITED: Working on video. How do I not know how to do this yet?


Elsha said...

Happy birthday, Pacey!!

Navigating the Mothership said...

Happy birthday to Pacey!!