Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brain Dump

* Sometimes I really wish I had a friend who was a developmental psychologist. I feel like there are so many things that happen as your kids grow and develop that would be so much easier to tolerate if you could understand the root cause.

* B has another ear infection (second in two months). I'm sort of glad because it explains her absolutely hideous behavior for the last week or so. I have to say, it is so nice that she is old enough now to tell me that her ear hurts and I can just take her to the doctor and deal with it. Not looking forward to the diagnosis guessing-game with Baby3.

* The only two things I am currently craving are things I cannot locate for purchase (Haagen-Dazs five-ingredient lemon flavor and Dreyer's/Edy's Swiss orange sherbet with dark chocolate chunks). Also kind of strange is that I am not an ice cream person per se when not pregnant.

* It was 38 degrees and the sunshine was warm yesterday. It boosted my mood an incredible amount. I didn't think I was still subject to SAD while on an SSRI but apparently that is false thinking. I literally cannot wait for spring to arrive.

* I've been shopping the sales for baby boy clothing. While I absolutely don't feel like I have to have all new stuff for this babe (hooray for friends offering hand-me-downs!) it makes me really happy to see piles of fresh white onesies awaiting a little squishy body (hooray for summer babies!)

* C is asthmatic and the most recent plague we all passed around triggered a bad response for him. There was a night last week I genuinely lay awake wondering if I needed to call an ambulance. With small kids at home and a partner that would potentially not be able to drive themselves to medical help, that becomes a real possibility. I'm pretty glad it didn't become necessary.

* I hosted a group of my MOMS Club friends over here to watch the Oscars. It was a lovely evening and I am so, so grateful to have found this group of friends. There are so many things that will be different about having a new baby this time around, and that incredible support network will be among the most significant.

* I am in the process of observing each of the three first-grade classes and teachers to help me in planning for Pacey's next school year. I visited the first class yesterday morning and it gave me SO much to think about. I feel so much better prepared to make decisions about his placement now, and was viewing the classroom with much more "what can this environment offer Pacey to aid in his education" and much less "can he hack it here" than last year. The credit is all his...he's really shown me this year that he has a place in the general education classroom (for now - I am aware that we will need to evaluate that each and every year) and that he really does learn a lot from his peers.

* First-graders are hilarious. It was so much fun watching them in action, and I learned a lot about that particular age group. There is a still a HUGE variation in size of the kids which I like. Pacey is still on the small side and I like that he won't stick out because of it. It was also really really good for me to see that the abilities and learning curve vary so much just within the typically-developing population. It's really easy to get locked into thinking that Pacey (or others with diagnosed learning disabilities) are the only kids who struggle with a normal curriculum. Not true.

* After the morning routine, about 40% of the kids in the class I observed left for pull-out time with various therapists, etc. I found that astonishing, but also reassuring. Pacey will continue to work one-on-one with his speech therapist next year, as well as having individual learning time/small group work  with his special education teacher and I love knowing that there are so many other kids getting additional help too. It also seems to reinforce the district's focus on inclusion while still meeting individual needs.

* I doubt I'll ever stop appreciating teachers for what they do. I have no idea how they accomplish what they need to without losing their cool or their sanity.

* Yesterday Brighton was watching me struggle to extract something from an overly full closet and asked me, in a patronizing tone, "Are you sure you know what you're doing, Mom?" Seriously, are we there already?


Kerri said...

Do you just love the amount of attitude they can affect in just one phrase? Allie does it to me all the time! I love how you said it is easy to get locked into thinking of Pacey as the only one to struggle with 'fitting in' to the grade level skills. I will have to remind myself of that the next time I observe Boo.

I have no advice about the weird cravings except enjoy!

Heather said...

I'm with you on wishing that I had a friend that had all the answers- but so far, kids are a mystery to every one I know! The best I've found is a group of friends with the kids the same age so, at the very least, I can see that what my kids are doing / saying is normal and that I'm not raising a bunch of hellions on the path to prison (b/c sometimes I wonder!). Sounds like you have a great group like that, so it has to help!

I literally cried leaving FL last week- it was amazing how big of a different 6 solid days in the sun made for the Hubs and I. It wasn't even all that hot there, but it was sun all day every day. At least the days are getting longer..

1st grade is a funny, funny year for the kiddos and I enjoy Scorch 95% of the time- I'm finding 6 in general to be a fun age. I know in Scorch's class his classmates are all over the map depending on a variety of things- including where / if they went to K or Pre K, birth order, etc. The good news is that the kids (at least in Scorch's class) are all nice, nice kids and there doesn't seem to be any meanness for being different in any way.

Hope everyone in your house is healthy!