Thursday, February 7, 2013

15 Weeks Also

Apparently her baby (a girl, natch) is also coming in the summer. It's been a week now and she keeps her "baby" (a soft little My First Dolly) under her shirt at all times except when I insist on babysitting - you know, so she can take a bath and go to school. I'm very curious to see how long this keeps up. Age three, you slay me.


Heather said...

Good lord is she adorable or what? And that hair cut- i want awesome straight hair like that so I can have that cute cut!!

Elsha said...

Kalena is insistent that next time we have a baby I will have a boy and she will have a girl.

EN said...

She is too smart and you are the cutest little pregnant mama ever! I was not nearly that adorable when I was prego!