Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yesterday was a late-start day for our district; one day every month they start school two hours late for teacher planning. For half-day kindergarteners, like Pacey, the AM and PM kids alternate having a day off; yesterday was a day off for the AM kiddos (next month he will go in the afternoon on the late start day...follow that?)

Anyway, I'd been wanting to take the kids to see the scarecrow exhibit at the Landscape Arboretum and it was one of our last opportunities without having to join the weekend masses.

I don't really need to say a huge amount about it, except that it was 94 freaking degrees yesterday. Fall? What fall?? We enjoyed the scarecrows nonetheless. :)

B was not at all sure about that giant owl!!

We spent a good 30% of our time inside this ant's nest,
sitting on our eggs and discussing the babies inside

Pacey did some impromptu break dancing with these ladies

The color in this garden was unbelievable

I feel like this random candid photo just really captures their relationship

Weird "sonic flowers"
And later in the afternoon Brighton and I spent a surprisingly lovely 30 minutes while Pacey had his speech therapy, hanging out down at the "river," making birthday cakes in the mud and tickling each other with the "feather" B found. Love my girl.

This was really more like a rushing river at the end of
the winter...shows what a dry summer we've had

Tickle tickle!

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Kerri said...

Boo has that same screwy half-day schedule. I never know when she is supposed to go or not. Last year I always chose wrong. This year they told me they would give me a note the day before to let me know.

It was kind of embarrassing :0