Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I wrote last year (here) about how turning my kids into Book Lovers has required more of a concerted effort than I expected. I kind of figured that I imparted half my genes to each of my kids, surely the reading gene would have been included there. I'm sure there are kids out there that are born readers, and maybe I was or maybe it was just the fact that my own mom put such effort into making a space for books and reading in our lives. Either way, it's been more of a process with my own kids.

Anyway, splitting them up for bedtime stories worked really well and, coupled with really regular trips to the library, they are really enjoying being read to now. I recently started reading to them together again which is working out pretty well and also teaching them to respect each other's choice of book. They've learned Library Behavior and I have learned to vet books before we bring them home and therefore subtly weed out the total dogs they select (hey, it's the Reader's Prerogative). I'm thinking that maybe as a treat during Christmas Break we'll go get their own library cards.


Last weekend was the annual Book Festival sponsored by Target and, as happened last year, Chris was playing in a charity golf tournament so the three of us headed to the festival. It was a lot of fun and the kids participated even more since they knew many more of the stories featured. We saw the same band play live (Justin and the Not-Yet-Naptime Band, or something similar) and they were really good. It was nice to feel like we are starting another tradition, and one that centers around something so important to me.

So true, at least for my kids

With Super Why!

I love this picture. "Geez Mom, enough with the photos.
You're embarrassing us."

Having been a face painter recently, I steered them
towards simple designs.


Do you have Little Libraries in your town? I'd seen a couple of these around and recently one appeared just down the street from our house. My dad took the kids to the "little book house" as they call it and they picked out a couple of books. I need to remember to return a couple in their place. Kind of a cool idea. 


The book that Pacey has selected to read for about the past 10 nights in a row is Llama Llama Mad at Mama. He thinks it's absolutely hilarious when Llama Llama revolts against a Saturday shopping extravaganza (if you've read the book, replace "Shop-o-Rama" with "Target" and you'll know why he identifies so much with the story). Anyway, his class got to go to the Media Center (the library, as it was known in my day) and each got to check out a book to bring home. Guess what he picked to bring home. You got it, the school's copy of Llama Llama Mad at Mama. I just love the fact that he saw it, remembered that he loved it and chose that one to bring home.


And finally, I haven't had the time to do a reading post on all the books I've read recently but I did return to Goodreads after a hiatus. If I'm not already friends with you, send me a request...I'd love to see what everyone is reading. I think you just search for my name?

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Elsha said...

Okay, I friended you on goodreads- I thought I might have to ask a location since there are several Jaidas, but then I recognized an adorable baby Pacey in your profile pic!

I've never seen the little libraries. Cool concept though! We do the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, where kids get a free book in the mail every month until they're five. The kids, especially Kalena, LOVE it. (And let's be honest, I love it too. Free books!)