Monday, September 24, 2012

My People

This guy:

This is the most genuine smile you'll ever see
from this guy
started playing rugby again after a three-year(ish) retirement. He found a local team and started training with them and played a bit on Saturday. Rugby has been a big part of his life as long as I've known him and I think he was really missing it. I'm glad to see him enjoying it again and getting the opportunity to meet some new people around here.

This guy:

always ages about two years when he has his hair cut. He's really maturing in a lot of ways right now - appearing fully and appropriately dressed in the morning, cleaning up his own room, insisting on a lot more independence, etc. I'm finding kindergarten difficult in some ways (which deserves a post to itself) but he is rocking it. The kids in his class are very kind and helpful to him and they all missed him when he was out last week. Nice to see.

And this lady:

is pictured here asleep on her closet floor, where I found her (doors closed) ten minutes ago. I enforced a quiet time today and hoped against all hope that she would fall asleep and lo, she did. The last 72 hours or so with her have been fairly hideous, so I can only hope that a good nap will help the situation. Unfortunately the only other thing that I believe is going to help is a bit of a discipline boot camp...setting some boundaries and consistently enforcing them with her. I've gotten pretty bad about doing anything to avoid a dramatic scene but, as always, the quick fix has turned into a longer term problem. I'm really glad we don't have neighbors close by because I think things are going to be pretty loud around here for a bit. Sigh.

Happy Monday.

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Heather said...

Oh do I feel for you on the girl-front. I've honestly considered putting soap in the Bean's mouth to try to curb the sass, that's how bad she's been. I've been too chicken to pull the trigger, but I'm really thinking about it.

Pacey is, as always, adorable!! The glasses just do me right in- too cute!